Innovative Design and Mold-Making​: Leveraging our in-house design and mold-making capabilities, we ensure meticulous precision and tailor-made details in every aspect of our luggage mats. ​

Expanded Coverage​: Our mats boast the ability to produce single parts up to 2500mm x 1700mm, providing comprehensive coverage suitable for various vehicle types​

Efficient Production Capacity​: With a robust production capacity of over 3000 sets daily, we efficiently meet high demands while upholding uncompromised quality standards. ​

Material Durability​: Subjected to rigorous testing in our in-house facility, our mats guarantee durability and optimal performance in diverse ​

Tailored Textures and Finishes: Select from a diverse array of textures and finishes, or collaborate with us to develop custom options that cater to your unique preferences. ​

Versatile Material Composition​: Harnessing multi-material co-extrusion capabilities, our mats blend versatility and functionality to meet the most stringent standards. Crafted from premium TPE material, our luggage mats offer unparalleled durability, comfort, and sophistication for every journey. Explore the epitome of automotive innovation with our cutting-edge mats.​